Anugrah Raya Quality Control Material

Standard material mild steel AR shear connector comform to ASTM A29 (A108) Grade 1010 – 1020 mild steel (cold forming process). Mechanical property and chemical composition of shear connector are in accordance with AWS D1.1 Sect.7.


Standard AR shear connector manifacturing following by mechanical test comform to:

  • * ASTM A-370 - USA
  • * ISO 14555 - Europe


According standard AWS D1.1. Sect.7, No fracture in weld near stud fillet/collar remains on plate, was passed bending test by the solid steel with double acting-hydraulic cylinder to be 30º alternately in opposite direction.


This detector can automatically detect, display and print the axial force and torque (or torque coefficient) of the high-strength bolt connection pair of big hexagonal head (M12, M16, M20, M22, M27, M30) and the high-strength bolt connection pair of torsional shear type (M16, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30). When the axial force reaches the standard value, the test data will be automatically recorded, and the torque coefficient will be automatically calculated and displayed. When one group of tests are completed, the detector automatically calculates the average axial force, average torque, average torque coefficient and standard deviation for number of specimens. It can store thousands of sets of data for a long time and can read and print at any time. It has the function of parameter backup and recovery, automatic calibration function, and also set the monitoring of peak keeping according to the detection requirement of high strength bolt.


These hardness test machine are based on the same construction principle of the COMP series which are already well known for their economic, reliability and easy using. The measuring device consists of a micrometer gauge with manual zero setting. The 108mm dial with either Rockwell standard or superficial scale (150-100-60Kgt) (15-30-45Kgt), allows direct reading of 1 unit and of 0.2 Rockwell units.

The loads may be selected by means of a knob ergonomically placed on the right side of the instrument. Tests are carried out manually by operating the lever on the right side of the instrument, once the operator has displayed the correct pre-load application on the dial gauge and set the scale to zero by the dial gauge external ring. By means of a knob on the lower left side of the instrument, operator can adjust the descent speed of unloading.

Model HR-150A used to measure the hardness of hard metals, carburized steels, quenched steels, hard cast irons, mild steels, Al-alloys, Cu-alloys and malleable irons.